About Us

About us

Lumut Crackers aimed at delivering the product to consumers anytime, anywhere in Malaysia and Singapore. Lumut Crackers believes in making honest-to-goodness food. The founders pour their hearts into creating delectable Prawn Crackers only from the tastiest natural ingredients with no need for any additive*.   

Hassle-free shopping journey 

Consumers navigating on Lumut Crackers should enjoy a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience regardless of digital devices used.


Safe and secure online purchase

Consumers shopping on Lumut Crackers are assured that their transactions online are safe and secure from fraudulent incidents. All purchases from Lumut Crackers are made through AVAPAY, a payment system accredited by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

Rewarded for online purchase 

We want our consumers to enjoy Lumut Crackers online retail experience hence we are rewarding consumers with attractive discounts for bundle purchase. Stay tuned for monthly updates.

Trusted logistic partnership

Consumers should be ensure that their online order will be delivered in timely order.


*Premium Range

This platform is managed by Lumut Crackers Sdn Bhd. 

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